The Orion Abacus Association offers scholarships to students who show significant improvement and achievement over several assessment tests, as well as outstanding contributions to both the organization and the community.

Assessment Test Scholarship

To qualify for a scholarship, applicants must meet all three requirements below.

  1. Must pass the Level 2 or higher level on the abacus or the mental arithmetic assessment this year as well as last year
  2. Has never been awarded the abacus scholarship or the mental arithmetic scholarship from the Orion Abacus Association
  3. Have had a teacher recommend you for the scholarship

In addition to these requirements, all applicants must also:

  1. Fill out the online application form
  2. Write an essay (in English) about the experiences of learning the abacus and mental arithmetic
  3. Submit a list of volunteer services to OAA and the community.

Essay Prompt: Here

Evaluation Criteria

OAA reserves the right to review the qualification to make the final decision.

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