President's Volunteer Service Award

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Thank you all for volunteering at OAA and OAYO events this year. As you may know, the Orion Abacus Association is registered for PVSA (President's Volunteer Service Award). Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period, which is September 1 - August 31 for OAA.

In order to document your hours, please fill our the attached PVSA Form and get your hours signed by an appropriate supervisor at the event. Remember that 2/3 of your hours must be from OAA, OAYO, or other mental arithmetic/abacus-affiliated events, while 1/3 of your hours can be from any other form of volunteering. Please remember to use the correct form (OAA Hours Summary Sheet for OAA and OAYO events and Outside Hours Summary Sheet for your other hours). All hours must be approved and signed by your abacus teacher, and either you or your teacher must email pictures of the forms with all necessary signatures to The last day for you or your teacher to submit hours by email will be September 15th.

Please also note some special PVSA policies set by OAA and OAYO:

  • Mental math/abacus related volunteering can be counted as OAA hours (i.e. teaching mental math at an afterschool not related to OAA), but school related activities do not count
  • TA hours may count for PVSA, but you must notify your teacher in advance and receive no pay for the hours you submit as PVSA hours
  • World City Cup 2019 counts as 16 hours, Global Cup 2019 in LA counts as 8 hours
  • The Assessment Test itself does not count, but volunteering at the test does count

To make sure that all your hours have been entered correctly, you may send an email to requesting to view your PVSA hours spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will include all your logged hours as it appears on your submitted forms, total hours, age category, and corresponding award. Please let us know immediately if there are any mistakes.

Thank you!

OAYO Officers

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